Thursday, April 26, 2012

Look Up, Look Down, Look All Around - We are Dancing with the Stars

This morning I got up grumpy and irritable, my mood covers for disappointed and sad.  I missed the birds singing in the morning dark and neglected dancing with the stars above my house. I had hoped to catch sight of potential late comers in the Lyrid meteor shower that peaked earlier in the week.  Both Sunday night and Monday morning the time of its peaking I had been out late and up early yet completely forgot to look up. 

Given this I was already irritated with myself and even more so after this morning when even Bogeysattvah tried to awaken me.

Finally at 7, I drug myself to my chair on the deck only to find the birds had left their business on three chairs.   

Upon closer look, I found their remnants even more weird.  It appeared they had tracked bird poop with their little bird feet on three chairs.  It looked like bird finger painting until it dawned on me.  The chairs were sprinkled in privet blossoms, blossoms that looked like stars.

I may have missed the morning stars but I was getting to sit in the stars.  Joy and wonder immediately replaced my funk.

Here on Earth we are always sitting in the stars, held in a universal sea of stars immersed in their energy. 

By 7:15 I had experienced such grace. In my unconsciousness all week, I had forgotten to look up yet thanks to the breeze and the blossoms, I looked down and discovered the energy of the stars still dancing with me.  

That wakes me up! 
-Dawn! The Good News Muse   26 April 2012

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