Saturday, March 30, 2013

Stepping Stones - Thoughts on Sustainability, Earth, Artists, Actions and Easter

It may be cloudy outside here in Middle Tennessee but the sun shines at my feet thanks to a young woman from Lexington, TN.

I met Kelly Conklin at Linden's Blooming Arts Festival where her work was for sale last weekend.  Her mother in Kentucky told her of a local bowling ball plants need to turn their scraps into something sustainable.  The  scraps weren't suitable for  the local land fill. 

She paints and seals the compressed scraps, heavy as normal stepping stones. These two especially appealed to me for their feminine and masculine feel. 

Artistic endeavors incorporating sustainability are a beautiful thing.

Living is an artistic endeavor, isn't it?  We have the opportunity to take actions with awareness or not every day.  The results of our actions are sustainable long after we have acted. Angry actions potentially beget more anger unless the recipient is forgiving and compassionate.  Happy actions breed happiness unless the recipient is bitter and afraid.

We never know the outcomes of our actions only that they are stepping stones into the future, sustained long after they are made. 

Artistic endeavors ensuring materials avoid the landfill while incorporating sustainability are a beautiful thing.

Landfills are filled yet does the land feel? I believe so. 

While sitting in line at the local landfill with my truck bed overflowing with the wet stuff resulting from Nashville's 2010 May Day flood, I noticed a cardinal singing away in honeysuckle climbing the landfill fence. I had been sitting there stunned by the visual of all the garbage heaved into Mother Earth.  Upon seeing the cardinal I immediately began thanking Mother Earth for taking all we dump and asking forgiveness for my ignorance and negligence. 

In my truck that day and at times since I have deeply known the land simply wants gratitude and appreciation most.  Yes, I recycle, compost and such but if I do that motivated by fear and anger I am generating fear and anger in the quantum world and ultimately burning myself out. (Been there. Done that.) 

These stepping stones will be visual reminders of the joy felt by the land beneath my feet when I am aware, tuned in and grateful.  The land within me, my inner terrain, likewise feels joy as I'm reminded of the sun within, within me as well as the energy residing in Mother Earth.

As I write this on Easter weekend, they also remind me of the Son celebrated by Christians around the world.  Whether you believe the Easter story surrounding Jesus you've got to admit this story of deep and great Love has sustainability, doesn't it?  This story of Love, despite a world in which fear fuels so many, has been sustained over centuries. 

I often wonder what role the energy in the Earthen tomb played in Jesus resurrection.  Did the inner Sun keep alive this most loving Son? 

Artistic endeavors incorporating sustainability are a beautiful thing and even more so when sustaining a deep and great Love. 

What will your life sustain?  Are your actions stepping stones to love or fear for others and yourself?
-Dawn, The Good News Muse, 30 March 2013

P.S. Contact me if you want Kelly's info. I have her # but don't want to post it to the internet. 

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