Friday, March 8, 2013

Imagine the Shift Golden Hearts

If anyone told me I would go for days neglecting the tree with the heart on it down the street, I would not believe them.  Yet I have recently done this very thing.

Two weeks ago while running during a morning walk, I was focused on the sidewalk before me when suddenly I stopped.  It felt as if something from the outside stopped me.  I looked up to find I was by the tree.  I had forgotten the heart tree, a tree that has meant so much to me.

I took a few steps up the grassy incline and for the first time in three years of visits thought, 'The heart looks like an ear made of an elephant's trunk.'   Two days prior, I had read that the elephant's trunk is highly sensitive and that elephants greet one another through touching trunks.

On this particular day I also noticed the eye above the heart.  Concentric circles like the ripples created when a pebble is tossed onto a pond's smooth surface surrounded the eye.  

I was reminded of the energetic ripples moving across the unseen field of energy about each of us when an intention is spoken or energetically sent out.  I wondered how my days would be different if I practiced more diligently living from the place of seeing and hearing with my heart's eyes and ears.  Might I not so easily disconnect?

I recorded these thoughts then rushed home to work forgetting this encounter as the day unfolded.

In the ensuing two weeks, I found a dead bunny and squirrel in my yard and was present to the living and dying of a tiny goldfinch that hit the window as I stood looking out one morning.  I experienced grace with each of these dear animals yet eventually I slowly disconnected.

Early one morning this week, I set out specifically for the heart tree. I had awakened in the night hearing "Go to the Sun within."  I knew this Sun was my heart yet thought, 'How do I go to my heart when I can't feel its presence?'  Something in me needed to see the tree even in thirty degree weather. 

I arrived and immediately knew why.  Two icicles hung from the bottom of the heart. My breath was taken as one released a golden drop just as I walked up to the tree.  

Here on this tree passed by thousands of cars and people each week were the moving hieroglyphics to heal the world's ills.  I was being shown how the golden tears of deep compassion dropping into Earth's energetic field send out ripples of healing love touching all.  Golden tears flow from thawing golden hearts. 

I so know this to be true.  My personal challenge is to stay connected to my heart amidst busyness, distractions, the world's injustices and suffering.  Yet this is easy when I live through my heart for in the flowing tears I also feel great joy.

Isn't this one of the reasons those of us with golden hearts are here especially in this time ?  Our hearts have the ability to turn pain into peace and sorrow into joy. 

Today, in this moment, I imagine the millions of Golden Hearts on Mother Earth thawing and flowing with golden tears bringing healing and peace to all. I imagine millions of us "touching trunks" welcoming one another to this time on Earth and being reminded we are not alone.  

Live this Shift with me!

(After experiencing the tree, I ran home and grabbed my camera to share the experience.  This quick little video is all I could capture as one icicle had already melted and my battery was running low. You get the message. - Dawn) 
-Dawn, The Good News Muse,  8 March 2013

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