Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Rabbit Reminds Me of Who I Am

I’ve been swimming in a dark place of late, a place that feels influenced by peri-menopause and the planets, trauma from past lives in this life and probably others, not to mention a string of gray days.  I have tried to talk, write, run and ‘supplement’ myself out of this funk to no avail.  Then late today I felt compelled to run down the street something I never do late in the day and something I had not yet done today. 

Three blocks up just past the four way stop with its rush of cars, I came upon a bunny dead on the sidewalk and in my haze I did not stop.  It only took a few steps to realize what I had not done.  I always stop for animals. 

I turned and returned to this little creature bloodied and alone and picked it up.  I laid it in the grass by the nearby shrub that’s been blossoming since Christmas day, the shrub whose sweet scent I take in every time I run past.

I knelt by the bunny and the funk totally lifted as tears streamed down my face, not tears of sorrow but tears of joy that I was able to bear witness to this smallest of creatures.  I thanked it for its presence here on dear Earth and blessed its spirit while asking that its soul group experience the love and appreciation I was feeling in that moment for all the rabbit and animal world.

That was an hour ago and at least for now the heaviness is gone with which I left home.  The black hole I've been swimming in feels light and holds light, the light of my heart remembered and awakened by the little rabbit whose blessed body now lies under the sweet scented shrub in my neighborhood. For this I am so very grateful.
-Dawn, The Good News Muse, 16 February 2012

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Barbara said...

Yes, sometimes it takes tragedy experienced or observed to shake us out of our funks. Sorry you have been down so low..... Glad you feel beter! Barbara S