Saturday, February 15, 2014

My Truth - A Valentine to the World (Abbreviated Version)

"...say things to the world that are true."
                                   - Pablo Casals 

I went to bed at 2am this morning after having stayed up unexpectedly going through journals.  The most recent one, a Christmas gift from Jerry, had just been filled with scribblings from my yard, random wanderings and my unending lists of things to do.

In an unusual reluctance to choose a fresh journal, I began to read from the stack labeled 2012.

Surprisingly I sat with regret and confusion as I read page after page of notes as to visions I've been given and things I've heard.  Most of these things are still quietly still tucked in the pages I scanned.

Finally I placed them aside and  went outside to lie under the nearly full moon.

I awoke this morning not wanting write in any journal. Why clutter yet another book with notations with which I don't do anything?

Then a journal I had forgotten from an impromptu post-Christmas trip to downtown Dickson caught my eye. I had forgotten I even had it.   The cover read "...say things to the world that are true."

In that moment, I knew my truth as I heard so clearly within me, "World, I love you." 

World, I love you.  That sounds so simple, doesn't it?  Thousands if not millions of other souls today have Instagrammed, Tumbled, Flickred and Snapchatted, "World, I love you" logos, poems and pieces as I write this.

Yet, World, here's my truth.  I have not always loved you.  It is because of you that I have felt such pain, pain from times I don't even cognitively recall, yet I have felt so deeply I am sure of my truth.  Like when I cried my way off and on through France knowing in my body that I had walked there so many times and had seen what man inflicted upon man and woman during the burning times as the church tried to wipe out those perceived as threatening.

I can easily write, "Earth, I love you."

Earth has saved me repeatedly.  I felt it in France and I feel it even now when I lay face down outside at night with my heart to Mother Earth's heart.  (I keep a sheet and quilt near my back door for this very thing.) I feel her presence and know she feels mine.  She has taken my weariness so many times and I have also taken hers.  It is easy for me to love Earth, her birds, bugs, animals wild and tame, her trees, plants, rocks, oceans and rain.

Many times I have felt and known my love for Earth.  It is my home.

But World, I love you?  I have honestly wanted to destroy you at times. I have wanted Mother Earth to rid herself of the masses and the messes that humans have made.

This is why I was at first surprised by what I heard when I saw,  'say things to the world that are true.' It came out of nowhere but I felt its Truth.  Tears of joy streamed down my face because World,  I do love you.

You are how I have come to find, feel and experience Me. 

You have broken my heart repeatedly.  And in this lifetime of feeling a heart of stone inside of me, you have broken my heart again and again but this time I have found healing among my human kin. I have found healing through painters, musicians, sculptors, conservationists, writers, actors, advocates and even what I consider narrow-minded legislators.  I have found healing and love for the world through creators (even the promoters of fear-based legislation) because you/they have helped me find and feel my heart.

And Valentine's I realized another reason I can say, feel and write, "World, I love you."

As I perused journals from Spring 2012 around the time of April's Full Pink Moon, I read simple sentences I had written but didn't grasp when I wrote them - sentences like "The rose is opening.  The heart of the Universe is opening." 

I didn't have a clue really what this meant so I wrote it down each time it crossed my mind.  I think I even had a vision of a rose unfolding in the stars but I've been unable to find where I wrote of it.

Then one day while running down Natchez Trace in the rain the Universe offered up assurance.  In the street wet from the drizzle that fell, lay this rose painted on black canvas.   

I didn't question even for a second what to do.  I immediately picked it up, tucked it as best I could beneath my raincoat and ran home. 

There were no identifying marks.  I looked for "Lost Rose" messages on the neighborhood list serve  in case someone was looking for it.  I brought it home and kept it above my computer for months before placing it on my altar. 

For the longest I looked at it and wondered what it meant. 

It wasn't until last night that I more fully got it.  

Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love is opening in the Universe.   

Scientists may try to measure it but I know as sure as I'm sitting here The Shift to Love is occurring OUT THERE and it is occurring IN HERE.

On this Valentine's I share with the World and you what is true for me.  World, I love you and I know it's because The Rose of Love has opened in the stars and I feel it has opened in me.  I hope you can feel its opening in YOU!

Boundless Love on this day and always!
-Dawn, The Good News Muse 14 February 2014

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