Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Reflection? Window. - The Energy We Hold

This morning as I walked down the street I glanced into a puddle to see looking back at me the trees. Instantly I knew what I've previously thought of as a reflection was this morning a window, a window into the under world, the other world where trees and their energy reside.

Trees were abundant here once upon a time in this very spot long before European man arrived or Native man roamed. 

I was being reminded the energy of these trees reside in this soil, in Mother Earth even though we cover her with asphalt and concrete.  I was being reminded the trees and their energy live in my being even when I forget and neglect these treasures I hold.  

Now hours later I wonder if I was also being shown a window into the future when trees and all things green and growing will flourish here again? 

I'm grateful for this dance of water, earth and energy on Earth and that a glance revealed a window into the past, a looking glass into the future and a mirror as to what I hold.  You hold it too.

-Dawn, The Good News Muse 10 July 2012

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