Sunday, July 31, 2011

Reality Shows - Jack & The Magic Beans

Reality shows. Reality shines all around us.

I felt like Jack, famed for meeting up with the giant after climbing the magical beanstalk, when I came across these blue beans while shelling a handful from my little raised bed recently. I had never seen blue beans and upon closer look found these fascinating.

Reminiscent of an Impressionistic painting, Monet appeared to have had a hand in the tones and shading of these worlds of blue. Little oblong whorls mirrored the lines etched in my palms becoming more visible it seems as I personally whirl through time. I couldn't bring myself to eating all three beans. I saved one yet the two eaten became part of me as I became part of their universe and sun and soil that had birthed them.

I love patterns, colors and interconnectedness so visible in the small things of nature like the beans and the yellow flowers newly discovered this year on our yard's edge. Their centers look like honeycomb and in turn provide the sweetness on which area bees feed and make honeycomb.

The spider's web on my balcony this morning and the moth on the wall outside my door yesterday fascinate and peek my curiosity.

How is it many people today are more likely fascinated by reality shows than by the shows reality displays? How is it we've gotten to this place where so many have come to rely on tv, entertainment and the news to define what they consider reality?

We each have the opportunity to access our inner Jack; our magical beanstalk is the path through life where reality shows. Reality shines all around us.

-Dawn! The Good News Muse 31 July 2011


Recyclable Refelctions said...

Dawn, Although I do love dancing reality shows, I know what you mean about the amazing beauty and incredible complexity found in nature. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

cml115 said...

Because we grow up and loose our sense of childhood curiosity and how to enjoy the blessings of nature. Fortunately, you never did!

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