Friday, April 19, 2013

The Shift


Mystery spontaneously lay in my lap this morning something she seldom does. 

I thought, "Mystery lies before me."  

Isn't that the truth? 

All I need do is be, listen, trust then do.

Sounds so simple, doesn't it? 

I don't know about you, but I find this so hard at times.  

Even in this moment when I know I need to take my car keys and walk out the door.  

I need to proceed to Cheekwood to be with the tulips or what's left of them after last night's pounding rain. 

Why would I not do this thing related to beauty, nature and pleasure? 

Do I need to know why  or who is behind this urge? 

Yes, on some level in order to be in control I need to know why I've this intuitive pull to see tulips. 

This need to know in turn suggests I'm not trusting, listening or following the Mystery, doesn't it? 

So I go.

This is the Shift for now.

-Dawn, The Good News Muse,  19 April 2013

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