Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Flood Thought - Honoring My Homes

(In 2010 as Nashville flooded I was flooded with thoughts and stories, most that never made it to any thing beyond pages in journals and scraps of paper.  On today's anniversary I've had a similar flood. Rather than file these away from human eye so they can't be judged, I've decided to share them rather than hide them and me away. This is the third for today. Two others follow it.)

Two years ago, Mother Earth's brown body could no longer hold the rains that poured on many parts of Tennessee that day. Water seeped into even our basement on the high side of the street.

This morning as I reflect on that day, I wonder if the rocks and concrete around my basement walls felt relief as liquid love permeated their stony hardness.  And although I'm grateful my upstairs didn't get wet, I wonder if our wooden floors and walls longed to feel fluid touch.

Considering this makes me want to love and honor my home even more, my physical home with its walls and floors, my Earthly home and bodily home.  To that shift, I open my heart.

-Dawn, The Good News Muse 1 May 2012

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