Friday, August 8, 2014

Lion's of Light - A Vision Honoring this 08/08 Day

I share this vision in honor of today's August 8 (08/08) Lion's Gate.  Originally experienced in late 2012, it is still, if not more, important today. 

Print used by permission by Harold Rigsby. 
Last night I saw lions of light.  As I lay in bed, I was suddenly in the Universe.  In the stars appeared the face of a lion. Its mane and features were outlined in faint white lines of energy's light.  Then to the right of the male appeared a female lioness, her face was similarly outlined in what I knew was energy's white light.

Two lions male and female symbols of courage, strength, loyalty, love and honor showed themselves in the stars. And I knew I was being shown the presence of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine arriving in this time.

Never before have we had this degree of opportunity for both masculine and feminine energies to be present on Earth in partnership, strength, vulnerability and balance within each of us and between each of us.

These lions and lines of light are making themselves available to us to awaken the lines of light of which we're made so we may carry the energy of the lions and their courage, love and strength.

Imagine the Shift this brings.

-Dawn, The Good News Muse 
08 August 2014
first posted 19 November 2012

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