Friday, March 7, 2014

A Message for the Ukraine

(Although this starts humorously, the message is vital.)

My sofa this morning reminds me of the Ukraine as three factions sit in different regions.  Moments ago one of those factions reminded me my sofa holds natural gas, yet it doesn't hold precious metals or oil.  If it did countries controlled by corporations would instigate a war to take control of it as is happening half-way around the world as I type.

My worn, brown sofa holds something more vital than precious minerals and oil. It holds precious Love - Mystery, Bogeysattvah and Redbud who are often my wise teachers.

At times they fight trying to control the house and vying for my attention.  A skirmish occurred this morning before they each claimed their region of the sofa. I remind them sometimes quietly and at other times through shouts that there is enough of me to go around.  I tell them there is no need for fear or greed in my house.  I remind them we have the opportunity to share this beautiful home together.

In the quantum world, through which we are all connected, my sofa is the Ukraine and my cats are the entities vying for control of that part of Earth and gearing up for war.  

My cats could not be more different in appearance and temperament yet they are still cats.  Similarly the entities behind the Ukrainian conflict have different physical characteristics and histories, yet they are all souls in human form.  And for now they are spending their precious time on Earth posturing and pulling strings trying to gain control of Ukraine's resources so their corporations can rule at making and fueling more things.  They have forgotten the most precious Thing isn't a thing!

In the quantum world, my sofa is Mother Earth's worn, brown body.  She holds precious Love, the most important thing, and is the wisest of teachers.

Just as I remind my cats there is enough of me to go around, Mother Earth longs for those behind the Ukraine's strife to awaken and remember their time on Her is precious.  There is no longer any need for fear and greed in Her house.

Earth is no longer a place of wanting more.  The time of using threats has passed.  There is no longer any need for power over for we are all in this together.  There is enough to go around for all.  There is no need for war.

You may think this story isn't serious but I am very serious.  Indigenous people knew and know what science is now proving.  We are all connected through an invisible web.  More people thanks to the world wide web know about this energetic, spiritual web.  Let us send the energy of reason and the knowledge of Earth's abundance to those behind the strife in the Ukraine.  Envision them relinquishing their greed and awakening to Mother Earth's beauty and her needs.  Send the energy of LOVE to every living thing in the Ukraine, people, plants, rocks and trees.

And may we each personally relinquish fear and greed and awaken to presence within Mother Earth and Love, the most precious Thing of all.
7 March 2014

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