Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Golden Trio Related to Trees

"I stand before the glowing tree and know its light is found in me."

"Golden Beings of Light and Love rise from Earth to the Above.
Teachers of lessons for learning and growth.
Be You. Be colorful and always let go."


I was rushing along a neighborhood sidewalk feeling a bit like Alice's rabbit in Wonderland.  "I'm late. I'm late." He was late for a very important date. Right? I was late getting ready for work, but I came upon this bed of golden ginkgo leaves.  Aren't they stunning?  Their golden flow spread from a neighbor's yard  over the sidewalk into the street.  I raced home just around the block, grabbed my camera, took photos, then sat in their golden goodness.  Just as I wondered whether anyone else had noticed them, a young man walked from a neighboring house with his two dogs. He shared my enthusiasm and his fiance had taken photos. Yes, I had to get to work, but in that moment I was right on time for my 'date' with Mother Nature thanks to these leaves. 

Her suitors surround us through sight, sound, color, texture and taste. Experience Her. Experience yourSelf.
-Dawn, The Good News Muse at "Imagine the Shift"
15 November 2013

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