Thursday, June 27, 2013

Are You a Bee Keeper? Imagine the Shift of Calling Forth Creation

(Reading the recent story of America's oldest known cave drawings found on the Cumberland Plateau here in Tennessee prompts me to share this creation-related story.)

As I walked past a table in my home this week, a book caught my eye, a book I bought on a whim two years ago at Pangaea in Hillsboro Village.

The "The Beekeeper's Bible" got my attention.  I had forgotten that it was on the second shelf of the end table, yet as I walked by a thought crossed my mind: 

'Many of us are here to be bee keepers.'

I knew this thought was not in reference to keeping bees in the traditional sense although after seeing the movie "Queen of the Sun" I seriously imagined having bee hives.  I'm referring to another aspect of keeping bees which relates to the story of the cave paintings.

I write periodically about laying to rest dead animals I come upon in the city and the country.  As part of that ritual I always ask that the particular animal's star kin help it find its way home.  Also as part of this ritual, I ask the animal I find to continue coming to Earth if it is for our highest good. 

What I do not write about is how I know many of us are here to "call in" creation.  We are the ones  to 'keep the bees' on Earth or be 'bee keepers' of another kind.

The cave art story referred to these Native people reaching into the earth.  Over the last few years, this is what I've sensed occurred.  Keepers of Creation called forth the energies of the animals, plants and trees from the stars within holding the energy of the stars without.    

At times I do the above ritual several times a week.  This spring I found a dead squirrel and rabbit in my small city yard on the same morning.  I had no idea what killed them but I knew we found one another so I could bear witness to their living and their dying and ask that they return.

More recently I've also found myself asking for balance.  I add this because I do not know ultimately what is for Love's highest good on Earth or in the Universe. I know my wants and preferences yet am acutely aware this may not be best in relation to the unfolding Mystery. 

I ask for balance for another reason too.  Last year I became weary from finding dead animals along the interstate as I traveled to and from the country every weekend.  I began asking for specific protection for the animals along the roads.  After I began this, the roadsides cleared.  I was overjoyed to find the interstate I travel each weekend void of dead deer, raccoons and opossums until Jerry came home with a story one day.

The vultures in that particular area were attacking cows and calves because roadkill was not available for them.  Therapist friends, if there are any reading this which I doubt, may think I need anti-psychotic meds, but I knew the ritual I had been intentionally and sincerely doing twice a weekend had an unintended affect. I love cows and vultures.

After that I began asking for balance and that the vultures have the food they need to sustain themselves.

I'm not suggesting concrete things on the bees behalf aren't important.  The bees need us and we need them.The bees need us to not use pesticides and insecticides. They need us lobbying our government demanding they take a cue from the dozens of countries where GMO's are banned, seriously restricted or labeled.  We need to demand that Monsanto be taken out of government.  And the bees and beekeepers need us buying local honey . It not only tastes good but it may help fight allergies.   

And the bees need those of us who are here to be 'bee keepers' to continue calling them in and honoring them through our sincere heartfelt gratitude.  

I imagine the shift of our realizing of what we are truly capable.  

I imagine the shift of our calling forth Creation. 

P.S. I wrote this story last Saturday and procrastinated posting it probably because on some quiet level I wondered what people might think.  Then as I drove into Cookeville later that day, I felt compelled to go to the Corner Coffeebar and Art House. I walked in and knew immediately why I was there.  The first things that caught my eye were two encaustic art pieces for sale by a local woman.

The two small pieces were of horse and bull-like animals on cave walls.  These pieces had been up for three weeks long before the story broke and I immediately thought of a voice I heard years ago that said, "Enter the collaborative journey with the Muse."  The Muse I knew was giving me a sign through this local artist and business to stay my path, put this story out into the world and invite "Creation and Bee Keepers" to join me.

Will you be a "bee keeper" with me? 

-Dawn, The Good News Muse, 27 June 2013

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Robin E. T. Hippler said...

Thank-you Dawn for this Amazing Story. I too have heard this call and create animal clay figures that speak to me of Nature,Animals and us Humans and how we need each other. Love and Blessings, Robin