Monday, October 10, 2011

A Boot Camp Reflection - Who's Watching You?

During Monday morning's boot camp, our instructor shared how sometimes in sessions with clients at the gym, he'll notice a non-paying person observing, trying to sneak peeks of what he's teaching an individual. We laughed about this as folks referenced similar scenes in sitcoms and movies.

Class continued as we Bill-boed (Bill's version of tae-bo) our way through a series of moves that made me laugh inside. In the Parthenon's glass doors, I saw my own reflection as I pushed to do side kicks on gradually weakening legs. Although I persisted, it was hard to maintain form. By Bill-bo's conclusion, I only hoped no one was sneaking a peek, wanting to emulate me.

Class ended yet Bill's story of being watched while instructing others stayed with me. How often are others watching us and we are unaware? Children especially watch and model parents, siblings and those around them.

I found myself wondering if hidden in this simple story was a bigger clue as to the seeming unraveling of integrity, honesty and joy in living, from political scandals and the home mortgage meltdown to the alarming rate at which anti-depressants and pain killers are prescribed? Is this simple story connected to what happens to politicians who feel called to public service then once elected or while campaigning they watch how things are done, the selling out to lobbyists for votes and making promises to others for gain on the outside that goes against the grain of their insides? Is this simple story connected to how corners are cut, white lies are told and manipulations occur as happened in the mortgage and banking industries?

To bring this home personally I wondered if someone were watching me what might they see? Of what am I a model? I wish I could say I'm a personal trainer for living and loving all out but much of the time I'm a model for mediocrity. I'm unknowingly lulled into thinking life's routine forgetting every moment is new and every breath a gift, that life is a gem polished in life's gym through exercises in loving, feeling, risking, losing, laughing, crying, being and doing.

If others are watching you, what do they see? What qualities do you model in the way you live and be? Imagine living the Shift you'd like to see in the world!
-Dawn, The Good News Muse, 12 October 2011

* Nashville readers: I the walker and non-exerciser highly recommend Bill Crutchfield's "Crutch Camp" at this site
Classes are mornings on MWF at 6, 8:30 and 9:30 at the Parthenon, an amazing place to get your day started with a fun, focused group. Bill will push you and you'll enjoy it. How strange does that sound? Three weeks in and so far this is true. Bill's routines are just like life, filled with change and never the same.

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