Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Blueberries Heroic Journey

In the beginning were the voids, twelve to be exact, little universes unto themselves, content yet alone. They sat atop the counter yearning for something more.

Nearby sat berries, a large tribe of blueberries successfully having made their heroic journey from seed to bush to bowl. Most of them, prepared to meet allies and adversaries on the Road of Trials and Adventures, excitedly anticipated the crossing of another threshold in the journey.
Thanks to the hand that stirs, one summer Saturday, the berries found allies in sugar and pectin. They formed a community. This holy trinity did not forget as on all heroic journeys there were trials to be faced. The first was the trial by fire. Many of the berries balked. They feared loosing their individuality. They recalled the courage and tenacity on which they relied to survive prior adversaries, the birds, bugs and rain that tested them in their earlier life.

In their blueberry souls, they knew to become something greater they had to yield to their circumstances, be changed by the fire. In this bubbling cauldron that was for now their life, they joined with one another as well as their two new allies. In sixty seconds, magic was made. On the firey altar in the kitchen, the berries gave themselves to the sweetness of the sugar while allowing the pectin to change their substance. From thin to thick, they were altered.
The heroic adventure continued as the hand that stirs all poured this newly married mixture into the void. Just as they relaxed thinking the journey was over, they found themselves immersed in an unexpected baptism of sorts. They found themselves in hot water. Some cried
it was unfair to go to a watery grave after such a short life. Little did they know this final hurdle would ensure their longeivity.

After fifteen mintues, that seemed like forever, the hand that stirs all gently lifted each jar from the fire. In gratitude, as the jars cooled each gave a grateful little pop, twelve tiny steel drum sounds signaled completion.

Twelve tribes, all the same, yet used in different ways over the coming months, some to be spread on breads, others to sweeeten meat and some to be given as gifts. Each berry, a boon from the soil, blessing the soul, a lone orb of sweetness, now part of the greater whole. Each jar an alchemical testament to the magic of yielding to the fire. Each void an opportunity to

begin again....- Dawn Kirk, The Good News Muse,

(Thanks to Joseph Campbell who so beautifully outlined many years ago the heroic journey in story and myth also applicable to people, communities, the planet, and yes, blueberries.)


heartwarrior said...

What a joy to read!!
Nice to know someone else thinks like this too...


PegE said...

Wonderful. And I'm so impressed you can can.

My only attempt thus far at making jelly was a small batch of hot pepper jelly I cooked up a few years ago...which became hot pepper syrup when it didn't jell. (Still good, though!)